Back to the Future

For those that have previously visited, the website has been stagnate for the past 9 months, this is because of the amount of work that I have received….and because of this I have haven’t had the time to maintain the website the way it should be…thank you to all that have placed orders and I am truly grateful and hope that you are happy with the quality of work that you have received. Thank you to all people that have visited this website, it is amazing seeing the statistics of where you are located, ain’t the internet great! This year (2008) I am planning for to make a big step in offering more products and services that will ensure that the bulk of visitors get what they are looking for. It is great that I can work with all types of people from all walks of life, from all over this planet and 8 – 9 out of 10 times deliver what they need. I’m by no means a big business, in fact I’m smaller than a small business! but I pride myself on big service I try and deliver to every customer, apologies to those that I can’t deliver what they need. (I’m working on it!). Soon I will be offering much more in the way of ‘art’, after all the business name is ‘’. In the next few months (if all goes as planned) you will start seeing full colour digital designs that will be printed on outdoor vinyl adhesive and other materials, you will be able to select these designs and then choose the size that you need. After payment is received, it will be printed and mailed to you…easy! The possibilities will be endless for example you will be able to go to a website like, purchase and download high quality, high resolution digital artwork or vector graphics, send it to me to print on vinyl or other material and you’ll have a very unique sticker/sign!