Whiteboard for Snelleksz & Co – East Brisbane, Queensland

We produced this whiteboard for Snelleksz & Co located in East Brisbane.

The board is manufactured in Brisbane to the size the customer specifies. We customize the face of the whiteboard with the layout the customer requires using a special printed dry erase vinyl made specifically for use with whiteboard markers.

We make custom whiteboards to suit many different commercial applications.

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Printed & Cut Business Car Sticker for Semple Property Group – Spearwood, Western Australia

This sticker has been printed, laminated and cut to the individual elements of the design. This means that there in no background colour to the sticker, we will apply a special application transfer tape over the top to allow the customer to install the sticker easily.

This sticker is to be sent to Semple Property Group located in Spearwood, Western Australia where the customer will fit this sticker to the rear window of their car.


Sticker for Thirroul Learning Centre – Thirroul, New South Wales

This custom sticker for Thirroul Learning Centre has been printed, laminated and cut to the individual elements of the design meaning that there is no background.  We will apply an application tape to the top of the sticker to allow all the individual elements to be installed as one. We will mail this sticker to the customer for them to install.

We send orders to anywhere in Australia.

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