Whiteboard for Snelleksz & Co – East Brisbane, Queensland

We produced this whiteboard for Snelleksz & Co located in East Brisbane.

The board is manufactured in Brisbane to the size the customer specifies. We customize the face of the whiteboard with the layout the customer requires using a special printed dry erase vinyl made specifically for use with whiteboard markers.

We make custom whiteboards to suit many different commercial applications.

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Custom Site Layout Map Whiteboards

We supplied these customised whiteboards for CPB Contractors for one of their work sites in Yuleba, Queensland.

Made to customers specifications , these whiteboards include full colour printing and a special dry erase film to protect the print. The boards are commercial quality and made in Brisbane.

We make whiteboards to suit your application with full colour graphics.

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Custom Whiteboard for CPB Contractors to be used as site layout map

Whiteboard for St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital – Brisbane

Custom Whiteboard for St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital - Brisbane

Custom Whiteboard for St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital – Brisbane

Custom Whiteboard for Hospital

Whiteboards are a great way for Hospital Wards to keep track of information related to patients and beds.

We customised this whiteboard using the customer’s existing whiteboard, they drew the layout they needed on paper and we redrew it using graphics software to produce the graphics as seen in this picture.

We print onto a special film that allows whiteboard markers to used and this creates functional and neat whiteboards that allow data to be viewed and changed quickly. We will work with you to create that you require and that will work for your environment.  We also supply whiteboard which are fully Australian Made, Commercial Quality and made the exact size you require up to 3500mm x 1500mm.

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Custom Whiteboards with Printed Map

We custom make whiteboards to suit your requirements.

Custom Printed Whiteboard 1800mm x 1200mm

We supplied these custom whiteboards to CPB Contractors Wybara site in Queensland.

We use a process and system which allows printed graphics to be used as whiteboards, with care they will last for years.

We custom make the whiteboard size and  graphics to suit the application our customer requires.

If magnets, brochure holders, pinboard areas, etc are required we custom make to suit.

Our custom whiteboards are made in Brisbane and are superior commercial quality with a 25 year warranty on the whiteboard surface. (this is the whiteboard surface under the sticker – the dry erase sticker has a 1 year warranty and can be replaced when needed)

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Custom Whiteboard for GrainCorp, Brisbane

GrainCorp based at Fishermans Island, Port of Brisbane, Australia, required a board that allows it to be written on with whiteboard markers as well as hold documentation relating to the bins and silos on their site. These bins and silos hold different commodities which are loaded on ships for exportation.

We produced this board for them based on a layout they sent us.

The board helps facilitate the tracking and loading of the commodities and allows an easy overall picture of their facility which increases productivity, efficiency and profitability.


Custom 2400mm x 1200mm Whiteboard