Baby Birth Sign Made with Print and Acrylic

This sign is made by applying a reversed printed design to the back on 4.5mm clear acrylic and then contour cutting around the design with a laser cutting machine. ThIs creates an attractive sign as the print is viewed through the acrylic which gives the design more depth and vibrancy.

We custom make signs to suit your application and we enjoy making these type of one off signs.

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Special Contour Cut Acrylic with Print

3mm Acrylic Print Sunset Beach Scene

This sticker print is 2400mm x 800mm and has been reversed printed and mounted to the back of 3mm clear acrylic.  Being a sticker allows the edge to have no frame which reduces cost as well as having a cleaner appeal and not distracting from the picture.

By looking through the 3mm acrylic, the print has more depth and the acrylic adds a very glossy finish to the picture – acrylic is as clear and glossy as glass.

We’ll make your prints into these types of pictures which are great for both commercial and domestic applications.


3mm Acrylic Print Sunset Beach Scene

Custom Laser Cut Printed Acrylic Whiteboard

Laser Cut Acrylic WhiteboardThis whiteboard is made from 3mm clear laser cut acrylic, we printed the graphic and applied it to the back of the acrylic.  This whiteboard will be wall mounted and whiteboard markers will be used to write the constantly changing information.  This method of whiteboard is a great as it is border-less and modern, because the printed is on back and to see it, you are looking through 3mm of clear acrylic which adds depth and vibrancy to the design, we can also make the acrylic up to 12mm which will give the design even more depth.

We can custom laser cut and custom print any designs you require, we can laser cut mounting holes where they are required.  Use in home or office, these whiteboards become a feature as well as being functional.

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Laser Cut Signage


There are many different types of materials that can be used in signage, and whatever the material, you will always have your own custom sizing and shape. This is where laser cutting comes in as it is the most effective way to get signage materials to fit your unique design. This process can be used on a variety of materials including plastic, acrylic and wood. Luckily, The Art of Stickers offers laser cutting services so you don’t have to go far for any signage needs.  Just send us an email at information such as sizing and any reference material for design, and we’ll send you a quote, ready to fill your order.Laser-Cut-Acrylic-Signage.

Laser Cut Acrylic Art Gallery Information Plates


Laser Cut Acrylic Art Gallery Information Plates

Recently we had an opportunity to make these acrylic plates for our good customer – Ryan Renshaw Gallery. These plates are made from 3mm clear acrylic and are made by using digital printing and laser cutting.  The process is simple but highly effective in creating an information plate that is in style with an art gallery.  These are used in many other applications and easily custom-made with your design and size, we can also cut them to custom shapes and include full colour graphics.  We can include an adhesive back making application to most surfaces easy and quick. We can supply them with holes for mounting with screws or fold the base to make it free-standing.  Give us your idea and we will have a go at making it.

By combining laser cutting and digital printing, we can create some very unique displays and products which are used in a range of industries from retail to industrial.

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Reception Signs




Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Reception Signs

Laser Cut Custom Sign Cromar Consulting

Laser Cut Custom Sign Cromar Consulting

We can handle reception signs whether they are stainless steel or acrylic, our access to various types of equipment and systems means we can make a good-looking wall mounted sign that will suit the space it is intended for. When a person walks into a business premises for the first time, it is important give them an impression that will stay in their mind, reinforce your brand and make the first impression a good one with a reception sign.

With stainless steel signs, we can water jet cut the steel to any shape and size include holes for wall mounting, we can also supply wall mounts in different sizes and colours.

  • We can apply stickers, acrylic letters and logos, stainless steel letters and logos and many other customisations to suit the application it’s intended.
  • We can illuminate the sign using low-wattage LEDs which enhances the sign and is a great effect in dimly lit areas.
  • We can also paint to a high quality finish using the latest in paint applying and finishing technology making signs highly finished and elegant in their look.
  • We can ship these anywhere within Australia and included all wall mounts for easy installation by a handyman or tradesman.
  • If the sign needs installation in and around the Brisbane area, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast we offer installation services as well.

For ideas on Reception Signs, Click Here for a Google Image search.


Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Reception Signs

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