Magnetic Car Signs and Printed Stickers for Ideal Process and Automation. Mount Waverley, Victoria

We produced these car magnets and printed stickers for Ideal Process and Automation who are based in Mount Waverley, Victoria.

We only use quality magnetic material to make magnetic car signs. We use a magnet made for vehicles and is 0.9mm thick which allows for greater magnetic adhesion to a car body – this means that it is unlikely to blow off at high speeds and it won’t curl at the edges in hot weather.

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Our printed stickers are produced with great quality vinyl and inks and are specifically designed for outdoor use. They will last many years and remain vibrant ensuring that there isn’t a distraction from the brand that they are advertising.

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Reflective Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Forcecor Infrastructure Consultants. Eight Mile Plains, Queensland

These magnetic vehicle signs which we made for Forcecor Infrastructure Consultants are made with quality and heavy 0.9mm magnetic material which has more adhesion than many other magnetic signs seen around today.

These signs are reflective yellow allowing clearer visibility in darker environments.

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Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Street Construction

Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Street Construction

Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Street Construction

These magnetic signs are made using Matte Black and Brushed Aluminum vinyl applied to magnetic material for a professional and elegant look. We used 0.8mm magnetic material to achieve good adhesion when applied to vehicles, meaning our magnets are less likely to blow off when travelling at high speeds.

Our Magnetic Vehicle Signs are a great way to advertise your business part-time. Easily fitted and removed, your vehicle becomes your business car when the magnetic sign is applied, and returns to a private vehicle upon removing them. Want your vehicle to wear different hats? Have different magnetic signs that you can apply to suit the purpose you’re using the vehicle for.

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Magnetic Car Signs for the Platypus Conservation Initiative

We supplied these magnetic car signs for the Platypus Conservation Initiative, a program by the Centre for Ecosystem Science which is part of University of New South Wales.

Our magnetic car signs are made with 0.8mm magnetic material which is a thicker type magnetic material. Although it costs more, the result is better adhesion to car bodies, preventing the edges from curling up, resulting in a professional looking sign which is very unlikely to blow off in the wind.


Magnetic Car Sign

We use high quality printing processes with UV stable inks to ensure your colours and brand will stay vibrant for years in Australia’s outdoors.

Great Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Great Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signage

Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signage

We produce excellent Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signs that are suitable for any surface that has steel such as car and truck doors.  These types of signs are convenient for installing and removing quickly from vehicles when the purpose of the vehicle changes – simply clean the surface of the area where the magnetic signs are to be applied and then apply the signs, within moments your vehicle is ready to advertise the product or service that you are offering.

These Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signs will last for years with care and come with instructions on how to care for them.

We offer full colour printing for these signs and can include any pictures and complex graphics that are required, our printed magnetic signs are all laminated with protects the print and enhances the design with either gloss or matte finish laminates.

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