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stickerart.com.au Brisbane 29th March 2016

Say hello to our new website!
March 2016

stickerart.com.au Melbourne 2003 to Brisbane 2016

Goodbye to our old website.
2003 – 2016

We have been in business for over 13 years and our old shopping cart system was looking tired and withdrawn – it’s served us well from the beginning and we made many modifications to it over the years but it’s time to send it off to that digital wasteland we all seem to have.

Today we launched our new shopping cart system at www.stickerart.com.au. It is completely custom-built from ground up and coded single-handed by Daniel Bingham from Bingtastic!! Daniel is a true gentleman and an absolutely fantastic person to work with.

Built specially for our business of selling stickers, it has taken many months to get where it is now. We will develop it further over the next months and years to include systems for quoting, making custom stickers and signs online, as well as many other features.

Our new cart system is responsive, which means it will perform across many screen sizes from desktop monitors to mobile phones, and everything in between. We’re confident that the experience for our customers will be a good one.

Our goal is to make our website as functional and intuitive as possible by giving our customers the tools they need to get the product they want quickly and easily.

So now that we’ve taken this thing out on the open highway to see how it performs, we welcome any feedback you can give us to help us do more fine tuning as we move along.


Custom Stickers Brisbane

Looking for customised stickers? Start here with The Art of Stickers; we offer a range of stickers and services using our large format digital printer, and vinyl cutting machines.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland we have been in business for over 12 years and are a predominantly online business, shipping our stickers and other products to just about every place in Australia. So, wherever you are in Australia, chances are that you’ve seen a sticker produced by The Art of Stickers.

Our facilities allow us to offer customised shapes in a variety of sizes, from tiny labels to large format commercial graphics. This means we can produce stickers to suit your requirements, and also have no minimum order quantities.

Our high standard of finish sets us apart from other sticker suppliers and we offer a personalised and friendly experience.

Click here to make an enquiry about Printed Stickers

Click here to make an enquiry about Vinyl Cut Stickers

Contact us at sales@stickerart.com.au or visit www.stickerart.com.au

Wheel Cap Stickers

Introduction Video – The Art of Stickers

This is the first video we’ve made for The Art of Stickers, we aim to make more once the new the website is up and running by the end of the year.  This one is a trial to understand the process of bringing the different elements together and we aim to produce everything from the music to the video – it will be 100% pure stickerart.com.au.  We will include how to install video and videos of how we create and make stickers.
Peter from BlueCrystal Creative helped me with this and showed me the traps in his awesome sound and video studio. He also did the voice over and has that voiceover type of voice. Check them out at www.bluecrystalcreative.com

Our New Printer and Laminating Room

Printer and Laminator Room at The Art of Stickers

Printer and Laminator Room at The Art of Stickers

Printer and Laminator Room

Our new printer and laminator room is now completed, this room is isolated from the rest of the workshop and has a controlled environment, this means that our vinyl stock, inks and equipment will always produce our products in the same environmental conditions which allows consistent results.  It also eliminates contamination of our stock and printing which has been an issue at times in the past.  Our printed stickers just got better and you can be assured when you purchase from The Art of Stickers, not only do we use quality stock, we also print in the best possible environment.  Our stickers and signs are designed to last the distance, if you message or design is important then it deserves to be produced with quality equipment, materials and in the best possible environment.

For quality stickers, signs and large format printing contact us at sales@stickerart.com.au or 07 3122 4417


frank-zappa“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

Custom Labels for Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia

Custom Labels for Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia

Custom Labels for Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia

These custom labels were made by printing onto a gold metallic vinyl to create an elegant look.  These round labels are 20mm in diameter and will be supplied to the customer on sheets, they are laminated to enhance the appearance as these labels are applied to boutique and hand-made wood working tools crafted by Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia.

Our custom labels can be used across many applications either indoors or outdoors, made from good quality vinyls, these labels will help convey the message of your logo and information by attracting the observer by the quality of the label.  Our digitally printed labels are printed using high quality print settings to make sure the labels original information is not lost through poor printing practices.

We can make many different types of labels to suit the application you need.

For custom labels, please contact us on 07 3122 4417 or sales@stickerart.com.au
We send our products to anywhere in Australia