Challenge board for Train Station Gym in Sydney.

This print is supplied on a 3mm rigid composite board and has a dry erase vinyl applied over the print. 

The dry erase vinyl allows whiteboard markers to be used and wiped off.

We supply whiteboards and other types of dry erase signs that are custom made to suit your business situation.

Safety Boards for CPB Contractors

These boards are made locally in Brisbane with commercial grade whiteboard materials. We print with a special dry erase vinyl which is then applied over the whiteboard, this allows whiteboard markers to be used on the prints. Having full colour vibrant prints makes whiteboards easier to use and much more attractive.

Safety Boards for CPB Contractors

Whiteboard for Snelleksz & Co – East Brisbane, Queensland

We produced this whiteboard for Snelleksz & Co located in East Brisbane.

The board is manufactured in Brisbane to the size the customer specifies. We customize the face of the whiteboard with the layout the customer requires using a special printed dry erase vinyl made specifically for use with whiteboard markers.

We make custom whiteboards to suit many different commercial applications.

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Safety. Health & Environment Boards for CPB Contractors

We produced these boards for a work site in Yuleba, Queensland for CPB Contractors.

These boards will mange information for staff and allows multiple A4 printed sheets to be hung allowing staff to take information as needed.

We customise whiteboards with clips, magnets and graphics to the customers requirements.