Business Cards for Kool’s Radiator Services – Coopers Plains, Queensland

We supplied stickers to Kool’s Radiator Services a few months ago, they cam back and asked if we supply business cards, which we do.

Based on a previous business card of theirs and the artwork we produced for the sticker, we created the business  card layout.

These business are made using 350GSM card and have a gloss laminate.

We supply cards with many different options at a competitive price.

Business Cards for Kool's Radiator Services
Business Cards for Kool’s Radiator Services

Australia Map Sticker – Purchase Online

Outdoor Durability for Australia

This outdoor sticker of Australia is great for use across many different environments.

From trucks, shops and caravans to planes, cupboards and boats.

Made with a durable commercial quality self-adhesive vinyl which will give the sticker many years of life.

These stickers are laminated for extra protection against Australia’s harsh environments.

Purchase Online

Purchase this Map of Australia sticker in a variety of sizes in our online shop by clicking or tapping here.

Durable Outdoor Map Sticker of Australia
Durable Outdoor Map Sticker of Australia

High Intensity Grade Reflective Vehicle Numbers

We made these high intensity grade reflective vehicle numbers for Multifix Constructions based in Loganholme, Queensland.  Using commercial grade materials, we laid black vinyl with cut out numbers and letters onto high intensity reflective yellow vinyl to create these highly visible vehicle identification numbers. Used for safety, the visibility of these stickers allows them to be seen much clearer in areas with poor lighting such as underground construction and mining.

Contact us at for custom made high visible vehicle ID numbers and lettering.

High Intensity Grade Reflective Vehicle Numbers

Self Adhesive Vinyl Types

Self adhesive vinyl (SAV) is what a lot of outdoor (and indoor) stickers and signs are made with.

At the lower short term end of the scale is Calendered Monomeric self adhesive vinyl and at the high performance end is Cast self adhesive vinyl, in the middle is Calendered Polymeric self adhesive vinyl.

Self adhesive vinyl is manufactured in two different ways,

  1. A method called Casting (Cast Vinyl). These films are made by pouring liquid onto casting sheets which results in the film being in a relaxed state, this makes them more durable, stable, flexible and survive longer outdoors  with less signs of fading and UV breakup.
  2. A method called Calendering (Calendered Vinyl) (available in monomeric and polymeric types). These films are made by stretching a molten mixture of vinyl which is extruded through a die and a series of rollers called a calender machine. Calendered film is prone to shrinking back if stretched, they will also naturally shrink over time. Polymeric vinyl has additives to help it better conform over curves and shrink less.

Stickers and signs have a range of different applications from very short term to long term and high performance.

To determine which is best suitable for an application, the following facts about each are helpful:

Calendered Monomeric Self Adhesive Vinyl – A thick film designed for indoor and short term outdoor, best used on flat surfaces.

  • Cheapest option
  • Thickness of film 0.1mm + adhesive (varies with brands)
  • Best for flat surfaces
  • Best for short term applications
  • Usually rated 6 months to 3 years outdoor life
  • Shrinkage is apparent over time
  • Available with permanent and removable adhesives
  • Great for stickers, labels and short term outdoor flat signage


Calendered Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl – A film that is a great all rounder with a low cost and good performance.

  • Middle of the road quality
  • Thickness of film 0.075mm + adhesive (varies with brands)
  • Conforms to mild curves and recesses
  • Great for general signage and stickers
  • Good for vehicles
  • Rated to between 5 – 7 years outdoors
  • Some shrinkage over time
  • Available with permanent and removable adhesives
  • Available with air-egress technology


Cast Self Adhesive Vinyl – A film where quality and conformity are needed such as high end signage, stickers and vehicle graphics/wraps.

  • High conformability to sharp curves and corners and deep recesses
  • Thickness of film 0.05mm + adhesive (varies with brands)
  • Excellent finish with high gloss
  • Great for vehicles and high quality signage
  • Paint like finish
  • Minimal shrinkage over time even after being stretched
  • Available with permanent adhesive
  • Available with air-egress technology

Quality Pinstripe Vinyl Tape Rolls for Automotive – Business – Commercial – Home Applications

We only sell premium quality pinstriping tape
We only sell premium quality pinstriping tape

Our quality pinstriping tape is made from European vinyl that is produced from premium materials.  It is rated to 10 years outdoors and looks excellent on all types of applications from aircraft to bicycles to whiteboards.

Our pinstripe isn’t the cheap stuff that fails within a few months and is designed to be used outdoors and indoors, some of the applications it can be used for are:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • SUV
  • Glass
  • Aircraft
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Whiteboards
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Glass
  • Shopfronts
  • Interior Displays
  • Any area that needs to get a stripey

We have a good range of colour and size combinations with sizes ranging from 3mm wide up to 150mm, these pinstripes are supplied on rolls and have an application tape applied over the stripe to assist with the application of the pinstripe.  Made from premium cast vinyl, these stripes can conform to various curves and compounds, the thinner stripes can be curved to create arcs as the premium cast vinyl  has properties to assist in this type of conforming, cheaper pinstriping will want to get back to it’s original form causing failure at curves and compounds.

Colours Available in following colours (Also Metallics):
Black, Blue, Gold, Burgundy, Green, Red, Grey, Orange, Charcoal, Silver, Smoke, White, Yellow

Our striping is available in the following sizes:

 Purchase this pinstriping directly from our website for an easy and hassle free experience.