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Carindale and Capalaba Radiology Signage

Carindale Radiology needed new signage and replacement signage for their shop in Carindale, Brisbane. We had to supply and replace the existing acrylic faced lightboxes, as well as produce a 2400mm x 1200mm full digital print with a ColorBond™ steel backing to go on a brick surface.

We also made interior signs with their new logos using artwork supplied by the customer. Each light-box is just over 5 metres, and all were produced using top grade vinyl.

Original light boxes that we replaced.

Old Light Box Signage - Right SideOld Light Box Signage - Left Side

Brand new signage produced by

New Light Box SignageVinyl and Arcylic Window SignageArcylic Hanging Window Sign InstalledFull Colour Digital Print Installed

Photographs taken throughout the production process.

Lightbox Arcylic getting Vinyl applied to itArcylic Indoor SignageArcylic Hanging Window SignFull Colour Digital Print Pre Installation

Central Park Spice Centre Sign

October 2006 Central Park Spice Centre Path SignHere is a sign we did for Central Park Spice Centre in Algester, Brisbane. It is a PVC tube sign with 2 PVC faces. If you are interested in purchasing this type of sign for your business, please contact us. These signs can be shipped to anywhere in Australia and are a great alternative to an a-frame sign.

New Designs

The new website is coming along nicely. There are still a few little glitches that are getting fixed, but overall, customers are saying that it is much better than the old website.
Some new Horse Designs have been added, especially for 4×4’s and Floats, click here to check them out.
More work and new designs coming soon!

Now Back Online is now selling again. There are now over 8000 designs, with more to come in the future. If you have any comments on the website (good or bad), please let us know as we are improving the experience for you. There is still much work to do to improve the website and we hope that you enjoy it. If you have visited the site before, you will now notice that you can select sizes much more easily, and that discounts are now automatically shown.

Light Box Signage – Algester, Brisbane

Below are the main light box signs that we did for Central Park Shopping Centre in Algester, Brisbane, Queensland. The shopping centre opened a new medical complex and needed their existing logo on the light boxes. We had to copy the logo from a photo and convert it into vector artwork in order to cut the vinyl with our vinyl cutters. These light boxes are covered in a material called Flex-Face which is very easy to apply vinyl to. The vinyl we used was Avery® Translucent, which is great for light boxes. During the day it looks like typical vinyl, but at night the translucency gives a great effect and makes the signage very attractive. Translucent vinyl is much more expensive than standard vinyl, but the results are great and well worth the additional costs.

Central Park Shopping Centre - Pre Installation of Vinyl Signage on LightboxesCentral Park Shopping Centre - Pre Installation of Vinyl Signage on LightboxesCentral Park Installation of Vinyl on Lightbox SignageCentral Park Logo Vinyl Lightbox SignageCentral Park Completed Vinyl Lightbox SignageCentral Park Completed Vinyl Lightbox Signage