Marina Safety Stickers

These stickers will be used at a marina as safety stickers to show where diesel and ULP fuel shut off valves are located as well as where the fire hoses and extinguishers are located.

Reproduction Stickers

We redrew and reproduced these stickers for a customer.

Made using high quality gloss laminated self-adhesive vinyl which will last many years outdoors and a lifetime indoors.

Hump decals for Ford Mustang

We supplied and applied these 302 Black Edition bonnet decals to this 2017 Ford Mustang. Using a super high performance vinyl in metallic charcoal, this stickers will last many years and remain looking good.

Reproduction Meccano sticker

Reproduction Meccano sticker

We redrew and reproduced this sticker design for a Meccano steam engine.

From large to small, we cover a range of sticker reproduction.

Caution Asbestos Stickers

These stickers were made for a company that deals with asbestos.

Buildings and houses built decades ago can contain asbestos in panels and walls.

Walls and panels become unsafe when asbestos dust is created from drilling, cutting etc.

Asbestos dust has been associated with serious health problems and is the cause of a number of diseases.

We’ve produced stickers that use a high adhesive vinyl and are laminated. These stickers will stick to many hard to stick surfaces with the lamination prolonging the life of the sticker.

We custom make stickers to suit your requirements.

Fluorescent Labels for University of Queensland

The University of Queensland required these fluorescent labels for their transport boxes.

We supplied them on sheets with 18 labels per sheet, each label is easy to remove and apply.

We have different colour fluorescent stock including green, blue and orange.

These labels are durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

We offer gloss and matte lamination. Lamination will further enhance the look and prolong the life of the label outdoors.