Custom Printed Sticker on MDF for the Workshop Bar

Today we printed a custom sticker for the workshop bar, we used a high adhesive vinyl and stuck it upside down directly onto unsealed MDF. We found a variety of blues pictures and made a collage with them, it was then printed onto high adhesive vinyl and laminated. We then applied to the underneath of the bulkhead we’ve built for the workshop bar. It worked so well, that we’ll extend it around the rest of the underneath of the bulkhead. The high adhesive vinyl can be applied to many different surfaces including unsealed brickwork, concrete and woods. For your custom sticker needs contact us today!

Custom Digitally Printed Stickers

The Art of Stickers have endless possiblities to customise your needs.

One of our customers was after some stickers for their line of work (see image below).

This sticker is simply to the point and exactly what the customer after. It is digitally printed onto our high quality vinyl then laminated.

Why not order your own digitally printed & laminated sticker to promote your business, sporting club, community group etc. today?

It is simple:

+ Fill Out Our Form
+ Submit Form
+ Wait for a response from one of our friendly team members
+ Give it the green light and before you know it, the job is DONE!

Big Knobs Sliders are made in New Zealand.

The sliders are designed to be generic and universal – to fit as many bikes as possible with the smallest modification. They are a sacrificial item – when you crash they take the brunt of the impact and wear to save the expensive parts of the bike grinding along the track or road.

No amount of crash knobs on your bike will make it immune to crash damage but a good set of sliders will limit the damage and help you keep riding.

The design of Big Knobs Sliders is constantly evolving. When I see a way to make them work better – I redesign or refine them.

So Big Knobs Sliders are For Racers By Racers – a simple affordable solution, not the prettiest, but they work.

For more information on Big Knobs Sliders:


Laser Cut Acrylic with Custom Sticker Safety Boards

A customer of ours needed small safety boards with the ability to write the amount of days that have passed without any lost time due to injuries. We offered the solution of custom printing a sticker in reverse and then applying it to  laser cut 6mm clear acrylic, the custom sticker was applied to the back of the laser cut 6mm clear acrylic so whiteboard markers can be used on the front to mark the days passed. By combining digital printing and laser cutting we can create unique solutions and signs for all types of commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. If there is something that you  require and think that we can make it, please contact us

Laser Cutting now Available

We now offer a range of laser cutting services.  We can laser cut many different types of materials –

  • Acrylics 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm.
  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • Gasket material (Head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, paper gaskets).
  • PETG (Polyethylene Terephtalate Glycol)
  • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
  • PE/PP Plastic
  • MDF up to 20mm
  • Laminated MDF
  • Leather / Suede
  • Some Plywoods
  • Some Timbers
  • Carpet
  • Foam
  • Some Rubbers
Our laser cutter can take a full 2400mm x 1200mm (8ft x 4ft) sheet.
We can custom make your signage and can take care of the bending and finishing of acrylics if required. We’re also able to clean up and create artwork if required.

Custom made shapes and signage to suit your needs, great looking and professional signage that you can install yourself at a great price and shipped to your door if required.

Contact us today for your laser cutting needs.

Czaj Racing Photos

Thanks Phil for sending us these pictures. We have supplied Czaj Racing, which is based in Melbourne, with stickers for a few years and have watched Phil progress as a rider, we wish him all the best this season. Visit the Czaj Racing website for more information or check the facebook page.

QUT Motorsport Article

This article was published in QUT Motorsport’s latest newsletter – Enjoy!

With one of the first on board, QUT Motorsport is glad to announce that The Art of Stickers will be sponsoring us once again for 2012.

The Art of Stickers has been using its knowledge and skills to continuously create new stickers and associated ideas to suit customers since 2003.

With top of the range equipment and brand new facilities The Art of Stickers have been providing QUT Motorsport with quality stickers for four years. These products can be seen on our team trailer and Formula SAE car.

The Art of Stickers owner, Wayne Boustead has been part of the QUT Motorsport team since their early ventures. “We have been supplying custom stickers (decal & digitally printed) as requested by QUT for several years now.

It is a great opportunity to support a local educational establishment and to assist the students with their endeavours they wish to pursue,” he said. The range starts from magnetic car signs, white boards, colour digital printing, vinyl cut stickers all of which can be customised.

With also 1000’s of designs to choose from on their website – all of which have the ability to stick to just about any smooth surface. The Art of Stickers if the perfect addition to our team and QUT Motorsport looks forward to our long lasting relationship.     Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page .


Here are some digitally printed stickers we did recently for the team.


Acrylic Laser Cut Roman Column with Reverse Print

This is a picture of a  sample acrylic sign that we have done for a customer, with access to laser cutting, we are now able to make a variety of different types of signage. With this one we reversed printed the Roman column onto a clear adhesive vinyl and laminated the back with white vinyl, this was then applied to 4.5mm clear acrylic and laser cut to create the shape of the column. It creates an effective piece and there are many different types of signs that can be done using digital printing and laser cutting. This particular sign is 700mm high, if the customer is satisfied with it, the final columns will be 1600mm high. If you require this type of signage, please contact us.