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Magnetic Vehicle Signs

A great way to advertise - removable and portable, our magnetic vehicle signs are an extremely effective way to advertise your business without committing your vehicle(s) with permanent signage. They will adhere to any smooth flat steel surface.

Our Magnetic Vehicle Signs are a great way to advertise your business part-time, easily fitted and removed, your vehicle becomes a business car by applying the magnetic sign and a private vehicle by removing them. Does your vehicle wear different hats? Have a few different magnetic signs that your can apply for the specific purpose you're using the vehicle for.

With our modern full colour printing system, photos, logos and modern graphics are reproduced as intended in a high quality finish. There is almost no limit to what we can print for your magnetic vehicle signs.

We make reflective magnetic signs for industries such as mining and road haulage. Our system allows us to make magnets up-to 1000mm x 3000mm with the customizations you require.

All our magnetic car signs are laminated to enhance the print further and to add protection.  We only make quality car magnetics that will continue to look great in years to come.

We also use vinyl cut lettering and graphics where suitable to enhance the magnets and in some cases this will keep costs down.

With care and maintenance these signs will last years and we use top quality materials to make sure the magnets look great and present the image and graphic in the best possible way.

Our commitment is to give great quality signs to let your logo and message shine.

We only use magnetic material designed specifically to be used on vehicles and outdoors, this material is thicker and has more adhesion to ensure that they won’t fly off when driving at high speeds. Thin magnetic material is mostly designed to be used on stationary objects such as fridges, it is a cheaper material yet mistakenly is often used as car signage magnets, there is a far greater chance of these flying off during driving. Because car magnets are bigger, thin magnetic material is more prone to cracking over time, if constantly removing and refitting the magnet it stresses the thin material causing it to fail as it is not manufactured for car signage purposes. The sun’s UV will also accelerate the failure of the thinner magnetic material.