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Our premium stickers are made with a true polymeric long term self-adhesive vinyl.

Suitable for flat and slightly curved surfaces indoors and outdoors and will stick to most smooth surfaces.

Recommended for applications in industrial, commercial, marine and environments where longevity is needed. 

Great for automotive, signage and display usage as well as any application where professional stickers and labels are required.

The adhesive won't damage sound painted surfaces.

Depending on exposure to sunlight and location in Ausralia, these stickers will last 3 - 5+ years outdoors.

Our premium stickers are supplied with lamination which extends the life of the sticker and protects the print from scratches, chemicals and other for foreign elements.

If you are unable to find your requirements please submit an enquiry and we will send a quote via email. Please click here.

Artwork Guidelines - after ordering, please email your artwork to
Your artwork needs to be set up correctly for us to print otherwise we may have to reject your artwork.
If you are unsure your artwork is suitable, we recommend that you email us your artwork before making a purchase.
Please click here to read more about artwork and setup.


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