Bulk Corflute Signs for MTEC Roofing – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

We supplied this bulk lot of corflute signs to MTEC Roofing for their Brisbane and Sunshine Coast jobs. A great and cheap way to advertise to the local area where the job is held, these signs will work 24/7 and will generate new leads and business. Measuring 800mm x 600mm and printed directly onto 5mm corflute, the signs will stand up to the outdoors for 2+ years.

For pricing on corflute signs with shipping direct to your door, please contact us sales@stickerart.com.au 

Bulk Corflute Signs for MTEC Roofing – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Equipment and Machinery Service Stickers for Vermeer Australia

These stickers will be used on equipment to inform the user when it’s service is next due. The stickers we produce are suitable across a wide range of applications for both indoors and outdoors. We use quality materials and inks to ensure a professional and lasting look.

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Equipment and Machinery Service Stickers for Vermeer Australia

Self Adhesive Vinyl Types

Self adhesive vinyl (SAV) is what a lot of outdoor (and indoor) stickers and signs are made with.

At the lower short term end of the scale is Calendered Monomeric self adhesive vinyl and at the high performance end is Cast self adhesive vinyl, in the middle is Calendered Polymeric self adhesive vinyl.

Self adhesive vinyl is manufactured in two different ways,

  1. A method called Casting (Cast Vinyl). These films are made by pouring liquid onto casting sheets which results in the film being in a relaxed state, this makes them more durable, stable, flexible and survive longer outdoors  with less signs of fading and UV breakup.
  2. A method called Calendering (Calendered Vinyl) (available in monomeric and polymeric types). These films are made by stretching a molten mixture of vinyl which is extruded through a die and a series of rollers called a calender machine. Calendered film is prone to shrinking back if stretched, they will also naturally shrink over time. Polymeric vinyl has additives to help it better conform over curves and shrink less.

Stickers and signs have a range of different applications from very short term to long term and high performance.

To determine which is best suitable for an application, the following facts about each are helpful:

Calendered Monomeric Self Adhesive Vinyl – A thick film designed for indoor and short term outdoor, best used on flat surfaces.

  • Cheapest option
  • Thickness of film 0.1mm + adhesive (varies with brands)
  • Best for flat surfaces
  • Best for short term applications
  • Usually rated 6 months to 3 years outdoor life
  • Shrinkage is apparent over time
  • Available with permanent and removable adhesives
  • Great for stickers, labels and short term outdoor flat signage


Calendered Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl – A film that is a great all rounder with a low cost and good performance.

  • Middle of the road quality
  • Thickness of film 0.075mm + adhesive (varies with brands)
  • Conforms to mild curves and recesses
  • Great for general signage and stickers
  • Good for vehicles
  • Rated to between 5 – 7 years outdoors
  • Some shrinkage over time
  • Available with permanent and removable adhesives
  • Available with air-egress technology


Cast Self Adhesive Vinyl – A film where quality and conformity are needed such as high end signage, stickers and vehicle graphics/wraps.

  • High conformability to sharp curves and corners and deep recesses
  • Thickness of film 0.05mm + adhesive (varies with brands)
  • Excellent finish with high gloss
  • Great for vehicles and high quality signage
  • Paint like finish
  • Minimal shrinkage over time even after being stretched
  • Available with permanent adhesive
  • Available with air-egress technology