Motel Stickers for Informing Guests

Stickers to be used in apartments at a motel in inform guests that if they leave an apartment in an unacceptable state they will be charged a fee for cleaning.

We customise stickers to suit your business and application.

Stickers for Motel to inform guests of fee for leaving apartment in unacceptable state.

Printed Stickers for K-Lite Dynamo Lighting Systems

We supply a variety of printed stickers for many different applications. These stickers are for K-Lite Dynamo Systems to promote their brand.

Our printing system allows us to print just about any type of artwork and with our 8 colour print system and use of quality materials, our stickers will look vibrant for many years in Australia’s outdoors.

Printed Stickers for K-Lite Bicycle Dynamo Lighting Systems

Stickers for Camberwell Pilates – Camberwell, Victoria

These stickers have been printed and cut to the shapes and lettering of the designs, shown here before application tape is applied over the top to allow the sticker to be installed in a single application.

Printed and cut stickers achieve colours that match the graphic and give the design a painted-on look as there is no background.

Our stickers are commercial quality that will last many years in Australia’s outdoors.

Printed and cut vinyl self-adhesive stickers

Stickers for Muffler Madness – Hillcrest, Queensland

These custom stickers are made for Muffler Madness based in Hillcrest, Queensland. Advertising a logo and phone number, these stickers are a great way for automotive businesses to advertise within their locality by applying the stickers to their customers cars. As their customers drive around, it helps with brand awareness and potential new customers. Stickers – an excellent and cost effective way to advertise your business or service.

To inquire about Custom Stickers, please go here. 

Muffler Madness Stickers

Boat Registration Numbers

We supply boat registration numbers and letters that will stand up to marine environments. We customise the design for the customer and offer full colour printing as well as simple single colour stickers and decals.

Stickers for Bodhi & Ride – Port Melbourne, Victoria

These stickers for Bodhi & Ride based at Port Melbourne, Victoria will be used on water bottles while the black decal is to be applied to an interior wall.

We produce stickers for many different applications across various industries and as well for individual applications.

Our stickers are produced using today’s modern printing equipment and materials that allows the stickers to last many years outdoors, reinforcing your brand/message.

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Custom Stickers for Bodhi & Ride

Stickers for Queensland Dolphins Baseball Association

Stickers for the Queensland Dolphins Baseball Association. These stickers will be used on sports equipment and other items. Made with commercial quality self-adhesive vinyl, these stickers are well suited to Australia’s outdoors and will last many years.

We supply stickers to many different types of clubs and associations and send orders to anywhere in Australia.

Contact us at or visit our Custom Printed Sticker page.

Stickers for Queensland Dolphins Baseball Association