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About Us

In business since 2003, The Art of Stickers is located in Brisbane, Australia.

We offer various types of stickers, signage products, and many other products.

We cater to the individual and large company's needs.

Services we offer:

  • Custom Labels and Custom Stickers
  • Aluminium Composite Signage
  • Building Signage
  • Acrylic Signage
  • Vehicle and Fleet Signage
  • Magnetic Car Signage
  • Customised Whiteboards

If you're one person or a company of 1000's, the team here at The Art of Stickers will do their best to help you.

For customer service:

  • We will get your orders delivered to your door.
  • We believe in quality and use only trusted materials because your brand is as important as ours.
  • We have a large range of pre-designed graphics available for immediate purchase as stickers and decals in various sizes and colours.
  • We offer customised stickers and signage as well as vehicle signage as install yourself, or we can install for you if you are local to us.

We are constantly evolving and expanding products we offer and if something isn't listed on the website, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask if we can make it. If we can't make it, we will try and recommend a suitable supplier.

We are located at:
6/18 Kenway Drive
Underwood QLD 4119

Our workshop hours are:
MONDAY  to FRIDAY    8AM - 4:00PM

Visits to the workshop are welcome however we do prefer you contact us first with your query via email at sales@stickerart.com.au or call 04747 94747.