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Bitmap And Raster Artwork FAQ

For our business Bitmap and Raster graphics are only suitable for printing. We cannot cut these type of images as they don't contain the vector data that we require.

Bitmap and Raster graphics are made using pixels, when the image is scaled up the original pixels must cover more pixels resulting in pixelation. These types of images are only suitable for printing when they have a high pixel resolution - PPI (pixel per inch) .

We use a digital printer and have seen decent quality prints from pictures that have a PPI of 72 which is the resolution of most images on the internet however to get more detail and vibrancy in your print, a resolution of at least 150 PPI is recommended, for this the image must have been originally created with a high PPI by either a camera or a graphics program.

Zooming into an image is a good indication of its quality and how it will print. Take your image into a picture program and set it at the size you require the print and then zoom into it at 100% - this is most likely how the image will look when printed.

We offer a service to convert your bitmap and raster images into a scalable vector graphic format that will produce high quality prints. This format is suitable for many other applications including printing, marketing and the internet.