Vinyl Cut Sticker Application Instructions

For Best Results, Please Read The Following Note:

These instructions are for vinyl decals only and do not apply to printed stickers.

Understanding The Decal

  • This sticker is in three parts:
  • The top layer is called the Application Tape
  • The middle layer is the final product.
  • The bottom layer is called the backing paper


  • If your decal arrives in a mailing tube, it is recommended that you unroll the decal and let it lie flat, face down for at least an hour before applying.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface. The surface you are applying the sticker to, must be clean, dry & free of any dust or residue. (Pure soap, water & a lint free cloth is best)
  • Ideally, the surface and air temperature should be 10°c or more. Use a hairdryer to achieve the surface temperature.
  • Wind will be your worst enemy.
  • After preparing surface, check that the sticker fits in place. If necessary, cut of any excess application & backing paper & make guidelines with masking tape or a non-permanent marker.


  • If you have a large design, you can mix a very small amount of dish soap with water and spray on surface. This will help maneuver the sticker into place.
  • Carefully remove the backing paper from the sticker. Ensure that no part of the design remains on the backing paper. If it is large decal, lie it face down and slowly peel the backing paper at a 180 degree angle.
  • Position one edge of the sticker onto the prepared surface.
  • Slowly roll the sticker onto the surface, rubbing it down with the edge of your hand as you go.
  • Using a credit card or something similar, squeegee from the middle to the outer edges.
  • Slowly remove application tape, ensuring that the sticker does not lift with the tape. We recommend that you leave the application tape on for 10 to 20 minutes before removing; this will ensure that the decal will adhere to the surface fully.
  • Air bubbles will usually disappear after a few weeks, if not, you use a pin to puncture the vinyl and squeeze the air by pushing down with your thumb.